Birmingham Care Group

Improving The Quality of Care

About Us

Birmingham Care Group aim to provide a safe environment where vulnerable adults experiencing mental ill health can access various activities to improve their health and well-being as well as social interaction within the community. Achieve outcome of rehabilitation and a better quality of life and standard of living.


Birmingham Care Group aims to:

  • To work with the relevant authorities to promote the views, needs, rights and aspirations of the voluntary sector in providing a care home service.
  • To support service users in encouraging their health and well being through activity workshops/exercise and social interaction.
  • To provide a Day Centre for vulnerable adults and/or adults with a disability where they can interact, participate and integrate with the local community.
  • To encourage and develop a positive image and to promote and support quality provision services of the Care Industry in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Our Approach

We work closely with the Birmingham Care Consortium and its members that allows us to source relevant bodies to support both service users and their providers.

We believe service users should receive good quality care that recognizes individuals and their right to make informed choices that will enhance their quality of life, preserve dignity and respect.

We are continually seeking benefits and discounts from suppliers to the Industry. We will represent our service providers and aim to develop a positive relationship with all stakeholders within the caring industry.

The BCG offers free advice and signposting to all Care Providers within Birmingham & the West Midlands.

Our Company Mission

Birmingham Care Group assist’s Vulnerable Adults (through funding received from various resources) by identifying and highlighting the issues and then planning, developing and providing services to alleviate them.

Our Team


Name: Fiona Latchman
Title: Chairperson

Fiona is the founder and visionary of our charity. Her dedication & leadership has resulted in us providing a highly respected and much valued service within our community. 

Originally from a finance background Fiona has also worked for a number of years for the Birmingham Care Consortium that continues to support the Care Providers across Birmingham.